Max Holloway Says He's Not Retiring After Medical Emergency


UFC star Max Holloway has broken his silence after the medical crisis that forced him to back out of his huge fight at UFC 226 this weekend… and he’s vowing to return to the Octagon.  

Holloway was hospitalized this week after introducing concussion-like symptoms in the days before he was set to fight Brian Ortega at Vegas. Unclear what caused Max’s condition.  

But now, Max is speaking out on Twitter… saying simply,”It was what it was.”

Holloway also had a message for fans — saying he definitely plans to fight again as soon as possible.  

“I understand this rollercoaster can be frustrating because my team is also on it with you. All I can say is I’m truly sorry and I hope you guys stay buckled in because it is far from being over.”

Holloway also shouted out the UFC fighters who offered to fight Ortega in his place.  

“Respect to Ortega and his team. Thank you @danawhite and the @UFC team for making my health priority. Also thank you to [Jeremy Stephens] and [Frankie Edgar] for being about that champ life and stepping up. I see you.”

Holloway continued…”Don’t let the bad surprises distract you from the great surprises in this great sport. The best is still blessed #blessyourself.”